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Tuesday, March 9, 2010 Do You Want A Spirit Blade Forum?

I’m currently considering the idea of hosting an online
forum at spiritblade.net for anyone to come and talk about the goings on of
Spirit Blade Productions, The Underground Alliance, the Podcast or the Blogs.

It would also be a place where Geeks who are Christians or
who are open to Christian thought can talk about all the things they “geek out”
over and share ideas with each other. In modern Christian culture, the geek is not always
made welcome. And although a forum would in no way be a substitute for involvement
in a local church, it would be a place where geeks can feel free to let their
faith and fanaticism interact.

It would also be a place where I will be able to interact
with listeners/readers in a unique way, since I would be very active on the

However, the creation and upkeep of a forum is a significant
undertaking. Although I would aim to organize it in a way that will not
significantly effect my other efforts for Spirit Blade Productions, the
additional workload will still be enough that I won’t enter into it lightly.

So this is the part where I need your feedback. And it’s as
easy as a few clicks of your mouse! I’ve set up a poll you can reach by

http://www.spiritblade.net/blog   (That’s the blog in case you’ve never
visited before.)

Scroll down a little and you’ll find the poll in the
left-hand column.

Just one quick vote (and only one, please) will help me get
an accurate read on how useful a forum would be. If the timing isn’t right for
a forum, I’m more than happy to wait until it is. But if the timing is right,
it’s certainly something we can do!


If you have any questions or thoughts about the idea, please
don’t hesitate to let me hear them. And no matter where you stand on the idea,
I need your vote on the poll!


Thanks for your help!


-Paeter Frandsen

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