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Friday, March 5, 2010 Rebuilding "Soldiers"

This week I began work on my remix of "Soldiers" from Spirit Blade. At first, I was fairly discouraged. I feel as though there is almost nothing I can salvage from the original mix and I realized I will need to rebuild this song from the ground up.

I also hurried through the recording process with Michael Tully back in 2004 when he recorded this song, and so have only a few takes to work with from that session. (Tully now lives in Texas and it would be impractical to fly him out just to re-record this song. Long distance coaching and recording is impractical as well.)

But soon I began to see obstacles as exciting creative challenges and after playing with Tully's files and testing some options with my mixing software, I'm very much looking forward to the possibilities open to me in that department! I've also found some beats and loops that already sound fantastic just dropping them down together without any polishing.

I believe that this time around I will be able to come so much closer to the creative vision I had for this song than I was able to the first time. And at the same time, I'll be able to inject new ideas and sounds that I've come to enjoy and gravitate toward since then. Can't wait!

That's all for now!

-Paeter Frandsen

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