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Wednesday, June 6, 2007 Recording "Raan"

Michael Tully arrived yesterday morning and put in a 12 hour day of recording with me. Of course, it wasn't ALL hard work. He was so focused when we recorded "Spirit Blade" that most of his blooper reel material came from phone messages he left for me. But this time, since the music and script were much newer to him than when we recorded last, we ended up cracking each other up a ton during rehearsal and recording as we tried different things and made fun of ourselves and each other. You can count on a lot of crazy and hilarious outtakes for this project. I'll probably have to put additional blooper files on the website since there's no way they will all fit on a two-disc set along with "Dark Ritual".

I just took him back to the airport and am bummed to see my buddy leaving again so soon. Tully has really out done himself in terms of both his singing and acting. The layers and complexity he adds to Raan through his performance will really engage people. And we're playing up his unique strengths as a singer like never before. I can't wait for everyone to hear him!

After recording, I had time to sit him down for an audio interview that I'll post here or the main website eventually.

We had a blast and finishing recording for Raan is a big step for this production! Thanks for your prayers! 

-Paeter Frandsen

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