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Friday, June 8, 2007 A Great Week Of Recording!

This week was a very productive week of recording!

Our voice actor for "David" had his first two recording sessions on Monday and Thursday of this week, with great results. 

Michael Tully put in two hard-working days on Tuesday and Wednesday, completing all of his voice work for "Dark Ritual". 

Scheduling is in progress for the rest of the cast and all recording should be finished by mid-August. Meanwhile, Paeter will be mixing scenes as dialogue is completed for them and composing and mixing audio tracks for the various songs included in the project.

An addition to the recording process this time has been to record rehearsal time as well. This is being done in anticipation of more "behind the scenes" documentaries and "blooper reels".

A few steps were also taken this week to schedule Paeter for interviews on a couple more podcasts. More info on those as definitive dates are established.

It's been a wonderful week with a lot happening, and we very much appreciate your prayers as we anticipate more busy weeks like this one.

Have a great weekend!

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