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Friday, January 25, 2008 Are you Glitched?

Although this has been a great week for mixing scenes, we will temporarily be focusing more time on developing and mixing the songs for "Dark Ritual". A few of Randy Hesson's(Vincent) lines were discovered to have recording errors in them and so we are currently making an effort to get him back to re-record.


Only four very short lines need to be redone, so we're confident we can work out a time to have him back in. Meanwhile, it seemed like a good excuse to take a break and work on music again.


Speaking of music, we're using much more "out of studio" production music for "Dark RItual", which we believe will result in faster production and higher quality! Paeter enjoyed the scoring he did on "Spirit Blade", but since he doesn't consider it his strong point and would rather spend that time improving songs for "Dark Ritual", it looks like a "win-win" scenario!


That's all for now!

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