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Friday, January 18, 2008 Spirit Blade Productions on MySpace

We've now begun work on scene #16 out of a total number of 36 scenes in "Spirit Blade: Dark Ritual". At this point, our second major antagonist is being introduced and one of our lead characters begins his descent into darkness.


If you haven't scene our MySpace page yet, it's because we've never talked about it! But we've finally gotten into the habit of updating it in synch with this weblog. So although there's nothing new for you to see if you're already connected here, we'd love it if you made us one of your "friends"! Just do a search in the "Music Category" on MySpace using "Spirit Blade Productions". You'll also find an early mix of "Necromancy", one of the key songs from "Spirit Blade: Dark Ritual"!


We'll be closing things down this Monday for Civil RIghts Day, but will have "In Search Of Truth" available on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.


Have a great weekend!

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