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Wednesday, October 26, 2011 Spirit Blade: The Adventure Card Game!

For the last month or so I've been putting in some extra hours developing a new project that I'm very excited about. (And for you audio drama fans, have no fear. I haven't cut one minute from development efforts on Spirit Blade 3.)

In case you didn't hear the news in last weekend's podcast, I'm thrilled to announce the development of an entirely new kind of product from Spirit Blade Productions! "Spirit Blade: The Adventure Card Game" is planned for release in the first half of 2012, and will allow players to experience the world of Spirit Blade like never before! In addition, the game is designed in such a way as to require zero familiarity with the Spirit Blade universe. So even if you haven't been listening to the audio dramas, you'll easily be able to jump into and enjoy this exciting sci-fi world with your family and friends!

Rather than being competitive, "Spirit Blade: The Adventure Card Game" is a primarily co-operative experience in which one or more players control a group of Seekers as they infiltrate enemy territory to reclaim truth stolen from the world by Atlantis Incorporated and their sinister alien allies, the Sheida.

As the team of Seekers regains valuable information, their resources and capabilities increase, giving new meaning to the expression "knowledge is power"! Meanwhile, one player takes on the role of the enemy forces, choosing who and how they will attack and determining when the Seekers will encounter deadly, automated security measures.

There are countless combinations of enemies, security measures and other obstacles to overcome, meaning that no two games play the same way. And as your group of Seekers gains more resources, they will change as well!

The different types of Seekers you can play are based on the ensemble cast of characters in the Spirit Blade Trilogy and include: Shifter (Merikk), Tech (Raan), Soldier (Vincent), Prophet (David), Sanctafi (Saolos) and Hunter (Ebony).

Enemies featured include types of demons mentioned in the Spirit Blade Trilogy, like Overlords, Demonic Princes and Nephilim. And Seekers will naturally face human opposition as well, such as Shock Troopers, Dark Hunters and Dark Shifters. In addition, Spirit Blade: The Adventure Card Game will expand the Spirit Blade universe by introducing entirely new threats, such as Mercenaries hired to wipe out Seekers and the Atlantis Bio-Mech (pictured above), a hulking blend of cold metal and human flesh.

In the coming months, I'll be showcasing specific cards from the game, highlighting character cards in particular, explaining what each character type can do and how it effects game play. So stay tuned! There is much more coming soon!

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