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Wednesday, October 20, 2010 “Marketing Madness” and FREE “Spirit Blade” Downloads!

Well, now that the “Spirit Blade: Special Edition” has launched, I head into what is possibly my least favorite part of my work: The “Marketing Phase”.

Granted, I always have marketing on the back burner and have to keep it going. But after the launch of a product I usually spend at least a few weeks doing almost nothing but writing and sending e-mails, trying to set up interviews and other types of correspondence.

The one difference this time around is that because of the “special edition” I am now proud of EVERY product in our library and feel much more confident in presenting the Spirit Blade series to people.

Which reminds me! I am offering a free download of “Spirit Blade: Special Edition” to anyone who will agree to review it (or interview me) on their podcast before the end of November! I am also offering free downloads to writers of established review (or appropriately themed) blogs that agree to review “Spirit Blade: Special Edition” on their blog before the end of November. If you fit either of these categories and want a free download of the project, be sure to let me know!

And for those of you who haven’t purchased a copy yet, I’ve added a new feature to the online store: Combos! Specifically, CD/Download combos. If you’ve ever been torn between getting a physical CD and enjoying one of our audio dramas right away, now you can do both! For both Spirit Blade: Special Edition and Spirit Blade: Dark Ritual, you can now buy the CD sets AND get the digital downloads for just $2.99 more!

Likewise, if you just want the download for yourself but would also like to give a CD as a gift, this is a REALLY cost effective way to do both at once!

You can check out your options at www.spiritblade.net. 

Blah blablah blablah. (Sigh.) See, I told you I’d entered the “marketing phase”.

-Paeter Frandsen

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