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Wednesday, January 5, 2011 Recalibrating

Now that the holidays are over, my wife and I are both back to our full time work schedules for the first time since our second child was born in late October.

It's proving to be a real challenge, since our youngest isn't sleeping through the night yet, which means I'm needed more around the house during the day to compensate for my wife's lack of sleep. Our work days are also both long enough that I have to spend some of mine juggling two kids as well.

The cherry on top is that I think I may have injured my shoulder in some minor way during my first workout this week. Nothing agonizing, but it makes it painful to do a lot of work and dad related things that need to get done. So I'm moving much more slowly right now.

I can't help but think that God is using these circumstances to get my attention about the ways in which I've neglected him lately. The time I once regularly set aside for expanding my Bible study, prayer and other things related to my relationship with God, have been put on the back burner more and more lately, and I can already see how it has weakened me in my day to day life as a husband and dad.

Something really cool happened this week that I think will be GREAT for drawing new, wider attention to Spirit Blade Productions.(Can't talk about it yet, though. Stay tuned.) And considering that my agenda this spring is largely taken up with expanding our listener base, it struck me as a reminder that God is still in this endeavor and hasn't forgotten about it or me. And yet I've had the tendency lately to forget about him.

So as I recalibrate my routine and patterns, aiming to give my relationship with God top priority, I'd appreciate your prayer support.

And come back here Friday for a look at what's coming for Spirit Blade Productions in 2011!

-Paeter Frandsen

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