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Wednesday, August 3, 2011 We Need To Re-Cast!

We need your voice!

Recently an actor in a project for The Spirit Blade Underground Alliance decided to drop out of the mini-series he had been cast in. We were really bummed to hear this, and now we are scrambling to replace him! The Director/Mixer for this project is about 3/4 finished, but needs to be able to plug in some lines from a new actor for this role before we can release the first episode!

We've already posted a re-casting call for this role, but haven't received a single audition! Which means that if you're interested in auditioning, your chances of being cast are extremely good!

Here are the details-

Project Title: "Voyages Of The USS Sasquatch"

This is a limited, four episode mini-series with a Star Trek/Stargate TV series feel to it.

Premise: On the far distant border of our known universe and the frontier, Brianna Summers’ life and direction will be forever changed by what she faces and how she copes.

Episode 1-

Midshipman Brianna Summers reluctantly signs on the crew of the USS Sasquatch, a Patrol cutter. Although she has been expecting a practicum placement on a Fleet cruiser, this was not available to her. As she acclimates to being on a much smaller vessel, she finds that her crew mates are interesting people, not the “second stringers” as portrayed by the Admiralty. Sasquatch is then called to rescue an Arghian science ship from an artificial black hole. This leads to a showdown with two Path cruisers and a critical decision being made by Captain Jessup in order to save lives.

CHARACTER: "Moose". Late twenties. Male. RECURRING ROLE
Moose will be involved in all four episodes of the series. Please only audition if you are willing to commit to all episodes of the series.

Alton Mosberg or Moose” is a hulking Marine. This puts him in charge of the squad of Marines which makes up most of the Sasquatch’s crew. Moose can come across as an “aw shucks” type of southern boy. But he is all business "when the visor comes down."

Audition Lines:

Yeah. Park it and be neighborly.

The Admiralty (snort). Babe, the Admiralty is only interested in building big fancy cruise ships that just happen to be armed. Did you know that everybody over the rank of lieutenant has an assigned valet? A valet…On a war ship.

Please record your audition at 128kbps or higher in mp3, or use wav file format.
All auditions should be sent via Yousendit (www.yousendit.com) to:

***Yousendit is a FREE online file transfer service. Please remember to make use of it. Do not send your file directly to the e-mail listed.***

Please use the following format when naming your audition file:
Please only audition for this role if you are interested in recording for all episodes in this series.

***Auditions are due by Sunday, August 14th.***

Thanks and good luck!

-Paeter Frandsen

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