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Wednesday, April 13, 2011 Rip Hunter's Chalkboard

I've got one of these, too. It's called my "Agenda Items" doc. Not everything on there stays on there. The order of priority can get switched around. Some items are canceled or replaced by new ideas that come out of the old ones. But it's the checklist of things on my agenda and it might just give you a sneak peak at what is to come!




Release Audio Book to 10 sites.


Create task schedule for Blade Runners.


Create Blade Runners Page and Description and announce. (Create incentive/contest/”mission” that will get five reviews on top five online digital retailers for SB:SE and Pilgrim's Progress.)


Re-write “Getting involved” page to include Newsletter, Blade Runners, and Alliance.


Produce “The Silver Dance” for podcast.


Market announce Brent Weeks interview in as many places as appropriate and give mission to Blade Runners. Look into facebook ad for interview.

Read Untold script and get back to Nathan.

Submit blog article or original article to Captain radio. See 2/15 email.


Troubleshoot more mixer involvement. Mixer training program? Phone time with Paeter? Brainstorm this, maybe with other mixers involved.

Press releases

Develop Audio Book Services


Contact Mesa Tribune Movie Reviewer. Use ChristianCinema.com (and Clash) as publisher(s) and see how to get into screenings.


Contact Wally about a publicist


Work through links at http://www.the-cosmic-forces.net/

Continue working through contacts for http://www.audiotheater.com/atwho.html You're at the Ds now.



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