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Tuesday, February 11, 2014 "AWOS" Progress Report

Still in the thick of mixing "Spirit Blade: A World Of Shadows". After some annoying computer problems last month I've made some great progress mixing the first few scenes. I've also returned to "Day Of Wrath", the song that will accompany Vincent Craft as he... let's just say as he does some serious damage to Atlantis Incorporated.

The mixing process continues to be possibly the most enjoyable part of production. Especially mixing scenes. When I'm writing I can sometimes do little more than stare at the floor thinking for long stretches of time, and progress seems slow. But while mixing a scene there is almost always something I can do to move things forward, even if I'm not feeling creatively inspired. And since I have a clear vision for what scenes will sound like when I'm finished, I can begin to "hear" the finished product even early in the process, and as each element is added to a scene the story comes more and more alive.

Despite scenes being so enjoyable to mix, I've enjoyed returning to "Day Of Wrath", a song which uses a combination of Mozart's "Dies Irae" and an old liturgical setting of the same Latin poem. With the help of some wonderful singers from my college days, I've been able to construct a full choir for Mozart's material, contrasted with a grungy electronic voice singing the dark, minor key, liturgical music. The result is becoming the kind of music I've always wanted to hear from other artists but never quite have, which makes the process very musically fulfilling for me.

That said, it's still early on, and my pride keeps me very selective regarding who I allow to hear the current mix of the song. Even allowing The Spirit Blade Insiders to take a listen will be difficult. But for now I'm still very excited about where things are going!

-Paeter Frandsen

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