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Friday, October 8, 2010 Audiobook Progress and Special Edition Preview

While waiting for the CDs for the Spirit Blade: Special Edition to arrive, I'm keeping busy devloping promotional content and the long-promised audiobook of the Spirit Blade novel that the audio dramas are based on.


I recorded the entire book last year around this time but put production off to go straight into developing the Special Edition first. Although the final product will be several hours long (I'm estimating five or more) the production process is moving much more quickly because of the simpler nature of the project.


It's like mixing Spirit Blade at superspeed. Drop in my reading and edit where needed. Drop in ambient sound effects and finish with some music here and there and voila! In about 2-3 hours I've completed a 30 minute chapter!


I'm hoping to have the entire audiobook finished sometime in November, or earlier if at all possible.


Also, if you've been itching to hear some of the Special Edition of Spirit Blade, tonight is your chance! In place of a regular podcast episode, I will be airing the first 30 minutes of the Spirit Blade: Special Edition! The audio quality will be significantly lower than the actual product, but still plenty of fun! Don't miss out!




-Paeter Frandsen

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