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Friday, June 10, 2011 Playing "Vacation Catch Up"

Boy, taking time off really hits me hard when I come back!

I had the usual massive number of e-mails to check and answer. That took about two days. (I usually spend over an hour each day doing e-mail related work.) I had an extra movie to watch and review this week, which took a massive bite out of my Tuesday. I had a huge sale to launch, which involves adjusting prices and creating notices. I launched a Facebook ad for my interview with Brent Weeks. (BTW, as a personal favor, please don't click on it if you see it. I'm charged by the click and I'm hoping to steer some new folks to the blog and podcast this way. Thanks!) And I also squeezed in watching coverage of E3 on G4 and some online videos.

So all the things I would have normally hoped to do this week, like writing some of Spirit Blade 3, got completely pushed aside. Bummer.

But it was still a great week, I'm stoked about the massive sale at our store and the other stuff I checked out to share with you guys this week on the podcast! I'm also gearing up for a big Green Lantern themed podcast and blog posts at Paeter's Brain next week!

Yeah, that's been real painful work to do... ;-)

-Paeter Frandsen

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