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Friday, January 21, 2011 Spirit Blade Audio Book Event!

The Spirit Blade Enhanced Audio Book is coming, and YOU can help get it here! (And maybe even win a prize doing it!)

The unpublished novella on which the Spirit Blade Trilogy is based will soon be available to everyone for FREE in enhanced audio book format, read by myself and featuring sound effects and music from "Spirit Blade: Special Edition" and "Spirit Blade: Dark Ritual"!

I am planning to release it on multiple sites across the web, simultaneously. But I need your help!

For this to have the far reaching potential it's intended to have, I need to release the audio book on at least 10 different sites at once.

Once I have 10 viable sites to launch the audio book on, I will drop everything else* I'm doing and immediately launch the audio book for everyone to download and enjoy for FREE!

With all that I have on my plate right now(prepping the Brent Weeks podcasts, planning and creating behind the scenes videos, publicity networking, etc.) I don't have the time to find the best websites for this endeavor. I've found three so far: podiobooks.com, spoken network, and archive.org. Any suggestions from you would be HUGELY appreciated! And as I said, as soon as I have 10 viable sites, EVERYONE can have this audio book for FREE!

For a website to be a viable host for the audio book files, it must meet the following criteria:

1. I must be able to submit and have them host and distribute the files from their site for free.

2. If they sell audio fiction, rather than primarily give it away, I must have the option to give my files away or set my price at $0.00.

3. I must not be required to place my files in the "Public Domain", though "Creative Commons" is fine.

4. It must be a site where people primarily go for audio fiction. (As opposed to a site purposed primarily for something else that is simply willing to host the files.)

In addition, the first person to suggest the site that I believe will have the greatest traffic of all those suggested, will be awarded with a free download of their choice from the Spirit Blade Productions online store!

There is no deadline for this event. It's simply over once I have 7 viable suggestions. So you can send me one suggestion or send me seven! Just leave a comment here or e-mail me at: paeter(at)spiritblade(dot)net

The arrival of the FREE Spirit Blade Audio Book is entirely in your hands!

Happy hunting!

-Paeter Frandsen

* - does not include the processing of online orders, blog posting, podcasting, caring for wife and children, eating or bathing. (Well, maybe bathing.)

This web site contains audio content simulating intense violence that may not be suitable for children.

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