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Friday, August 12, 2011 "Action Scenes" In Audio Drama

While I never seem to have quite as much time for scripting as I'd like, this has been a "tortoise week", where the progress has been slow but consistently plodding along. I'm getting pretty close to the halfway point as I write my way through my outline. I continue to feel like the script will be too long, but I'm not letting that stifle my creativity at this point. 

Have I ever mentioned that action sequences are tough to design for audio drama? I've been writing one today, and as usual it plays out very different from what a film version would look like. I take a lot of inspiration from film as opposed to other audio dramas, which I think gives my work a specific and unique flavor, especially concerning how I handle action. 

I rely on the fact that my audience is made up of movie-goers like me and can "fill in the gaps" in action scenes with the help of movies they've seen, music and sound effects I provide, and their imaginations. If I rely on this too heavily, it becomes too difficult to tell what's happening. If I don't rely on it enough, then I've got characters describing out loud everything they're doing. (Lame. Who does that?) 

So my challenge today has involved scrapping two attempts at an action sequence and taking it in a very different direction than I had planned because of the limitations of the medium. Although very different from what I've been imagining for this scene until today, I think the direction I'm going now plays up the strengths, rather than weaknesses, of audio drama. 

-Paeter Frandsen 

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