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Wednesday, May 5, 2010 "Deadly Game" Finished!

I'm finally back in the mixing groove and on a roll! As of Monday, the remix of "Deadly Game" is finished!

Of all the songs I've mixed so far, this one feels the least changed from the original, in terms of style. I was able to add significantly more orchestral and choral elements so that the finished product has much more of the expansive, epic feel that I was shooting for the first time. The mix is also greatly improved in its balance and much easier on the ears. (The original has lots of piercing treble, to my ear.)

As of now, I'm already more than halfway finished remixing "Golgatha's Tale", which is also changing very little conceptually. With both of these songs, I've been adding more of the same kind of material that was already working in the original versions, and then adjusting the balance of the mix so that you can hear those elements much better than before, while still keeping the vocals in the front of the mix. This was something I had a lot of trouble with the first time, and so the original mixes tend to sound very vocal heavy with a thin track behind them.

I'm so excited to be taking what I've learned since 2005-06 and applying it to the remixes of these songs! As I intended, the songs requiring the most reworking were completed first, so I'm in a stage now that is moving along much faster. If my current pace continues, I may be able to release the song bundle for "Spirit Blade" by the end of May or early June, with the song bundle for "Dark Ritual" releasing at the same time or very soon afterward!

Also, once these two song bundle projects are released, I will be ready to announce the name of the "secret project" I've been keeping under wraps this year!

Stay tuned!

-Paeter Frandsen

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