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Friday, November 13, 2009 Spirit Blade Audiobook On The Horizon!

With the main thrust of my publicity efforts for "Pilgrim's Progress" slowing down, I'm finally finding time to give attention to the next project on my list: The Spirit Blade Audiobook!


"But wait a minute. We've got a Spirit Blade Audio Drama. Isn't an audiobook a bit of a step back?"


Not in this case. For one thing, this audiobook is actually the unpublished novel that I wrote which, after numerous changes and restructuring, formed the basis for both Spirit Blade and Spirit Blade: Dark Ritual! Far from a re-treading of what you've already heard, the Spirit Blade audiobook will be a very different story with new characters and plot threads you've never seen or heard before!


Like the "Pilgrim's Progress" audiobook bonus feature included with our latest audio drama, this audiobook will be enhanced with sound effects and a musical score, drawing some scoring from Spirit Blade and Dark Ritual to maintain a tone similar to those projects.


But unlike our previous projects, the Spirit Blade Audiobook will be available for free!


Recording for the project is finished and production has already begun. So keep your ears open for this one in the next few months!


-Paeter Frandsen

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