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Friday, July 17, 2009 The Right Music

Well, I've dunked two guys into water this week and so far only one of them has made it out. Before I get the other one out of the swamp I need to find the right musical theme for his exit. Sound a little strange?


For the most part, I leave scoring until the end of my audio drama projects. One of the last steps before mastering a project. But in some cases, I can tell (or even decide) that music will be just as vital to storytelling as dialogue or sound effects. In fact sometimes, it's even more important.


The right musical theme can paint a picture of that royal throneroom better than any sound effects or descriptive dialogue. A deeply moving theme can capture the inner anguish of a character that no amount of voice acting can evoke.


I'm at one of those moments today. I need a theme that expresses emotional stress and danger without sounding like an "action scene". And I need it to culminate in a musical release that speaks of the rescue that my character will experience at the final moment.


I haven't found it yet, but there are several great resources for me to take advantage of. And since I haven't done any searches for new music resources in awhile, I think I may spend some time searching the web again today.


Have a great weekend!


-Paeter Frandsen 

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