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Friday, January 15, 2010 Spirit Blade Productions 2010 Plans

2010 will be a very important year for Spirit Blade Productions! Here are a few things you can look forward to and in their planned order of execution!

1. Music! Currently, I'm making plans to release "song bundles" or "soundtracks" (not sure which I'll call them yet) for both "Spirit Blade" and "Spirit Blade: Dark Ritual". I'll also be creating some remixes of these songs for inclusion in the bundles. Some will be minor re-mixes and some will be complete overhauls.

2. More Cool Goodies! During the production of "Pilgrim's Progress: Similitude Of A Dream" I made some video recordings of dialogue recording sessions and some screen capture video with commentary as I created and mixed some of the unique sound effects and scenes of the project. I'm not sure of the specific method of delivery for these videos (Youtube or downloads on the "Media" page) but I'm looking forward to editing the footage and putting it together for you all very soon!I'll also be making some cool T-shirts available this year and some other goodies you'll be able to get at the site. As always, I plan to keep up with my schedule of releasing one new free special feature on the Media Page every month. So keep checking back! (spiritblade.net/freestuff)

3. The Secret Project! It's... well it's a secret. I should be able to announce it in full about three months from now (that's the current plan anyway, but you know how that goes). I can tell you that Spirit Blade fans will dig it, though! And although it is third on the list, this project is actually my highest priority project for 2010 and I hope to release it before or during the summer, or at least before the end of the year.

4. The Spirit Blade Audiobook! I released the first part of this project on the podcast in December. I have finished recording it all and only need to mix and release it. It will be made available for free and released all at once, rather than in "chapters". The project is be read by me and enhanced with music and sound effects. This book is the basis for "Spirit Blade" and "Dark Ritual" and although the story has some very noticeable differences, it will hopefully provide an interesting look into where the "Spirit Blade" universe began and where it might have gone.

5. Relaunch Of Spirit Blade Productions! Although 2006 marks the first year of our existence, 2010 will be the year that this little company becomes re-established. I believe it will be looked back on as the year we hit our stride. The reasons for this will become clear as the year unfolds, but I hope you'll stick around and be a part of the celebration!

6. Spirit Blade 3 Begins Pre-production! (Or should it be "Pilgrim's Progress"?) At this point, my
plan is to begin writing "Spirit Blade 3" later this year. I would
estimate that pre-production work on SB3 will take 6-12 months. The
script for "Pilgrim Ep. 2" is nearly finished. But in order to save
money on production costs, I will be recording both SB3 and Pilgrim
Ep.2 at the same time. SB3 will be produced and released first, and
then Pilgrim Ep. 2 will immediately begin production afterward. SB3
will probably take about 12 months to produce after recording with the
actors. Pilgrim Ep. 2 will probably take around 4 months. 

So a very rough estimate (given all of these other estimates) would put
the release of Spirit Blade 3 at around April 2012 and Pilgrim Ep. 2 at
around July 2012. Thereafter, I will focus all of my efforts on
finishing the rest of the Pilgrim's Progress series, releasing them
much closer together than previous projects. Should Pilgrim's Progress
gain a larger response than our Spirit Blade series, I would reverse
production order, resulting in a roughly August 2011 release for
Pilgrim Ep 2 and an August 2012 release for Spirit Blade 3.

I say all of this because I'm actually ready to give you all a voice in my production schedule! If you'd rather hear the next part of "Pilgrim" before the final chapter of "Spirit Blade", make yourself heard! Comment here or send me an e-mail. If I get enough interest in "Pilgrim" coming first, I'll set up a poll and give everyone a chance to vote on my future production schedule!Otherwise it's full speed ahead to the climax of the Spirit Blade Trilogy!

Thanks so much for your involvement with all I've been juggling over the last 3 1/2 years! I hope you'll join me as I continue to enjoy geek culture and search for truth both here and on the podcast. I also hope you'll consider joining the creative fun as Spirit Blade Productions continues to sponsor the online volunteer community, The Spirit Blade Underground Alliance! You don't need to be an expert. This is a place to learn how to pool your creativity with others to create fun and exciting Christian Sci-fi, Fantasy and Horror that engages both the imagination and the critical mind! Check it out at spiritblade.net/alliance

Drop me a line any time. I love to interact with you guys and hear what you're thinking about these announcements, the blog posts in general anytime, the podcast or whatever randomly pops into your head!

Hope to talk to you soon!

-Paeter Frandsen

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