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Friday, February 20, 2009 Join The Interactive Audio Commentary! (Part 2)

This week I've started getting "Pilgrim's Progress" auditions from various folks on the "interwebs" and can't wait to get some more! Remember that the audition deadline is Friday, March 20th! 


March 20th is also the deadline I'm setting up for your commentary questions about "Spirit Blade: Dark Ritual", Disc 1, Track 2! The questions I got for Disc 1 Track 1 were great and I'd love to keep the ball rolling! Just take another listen to Disc 1, Track 2(The Enemy Strikes) and send me any questions you'd like to have answered on the upcoming audio commentary I produce for www.spiritblade.net . You'll get an immediate response with an answer from me (so you won't have to wait for the commentary to get your question answered) and your question, along with a "shout out" to YOU included in that segment of the audio commentary, for all fans of Spirit Blade to hear!


So whether you sent me a question last time or not, I'd love to supply your answers and get in touch with you! Hope to talk to you soon!


-Paeter Frandsen

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