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8-4-10 The Mystery Quest For a Web Presence

Developing and connecting with an online audience continues to be a huge and constantly changing challenge. Where to spend my time and energy? Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, our website, the forums, the podcast or some other new gimmicky thing on the web?

Naturally, the answer is "all of the above", but there is still the constant question of "how much is enough" for each of those. We're a production company, after all, and I have to leave time for producing things other then web posts and free content if I hope to see this thing grow in both quantity, quality and effectiveness.

So I do what I can and try to impose boundaries on myself so I can still actually work on audio drama, and every once in awhile I'm rewarded with some forward motion that may be small, but is still encouraging.

This morning after reading an article about developing a web presence for yourself I tried searching for "spirit blade" in both google and yahoo. Our site still comes up as number one in both places, but now our company name finally comes up in the "suggestion" drop down box in yahoo.

Even more encouraging, a search for "christian sci-fi" puts us at number six on google (up from 10 or 11, found on the second page) and number two on yahoo! And many of our other web locations pop up not far below our main site in search results. 

So my big thanks to all of you for reading the blog and tracking with me on facebook and elsewhere!

Keep tracking with us and before long we may even hit number one for "christian sci-fi" searches!


-Paeter Frandsen

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