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7-23-10 Officially Halfway!

Thanks in part to the new audio leveling software I'm using, I am officially halfway finished with the core mix of the Spirit Blade Special Edition!

When the "core mix" is finished, I will go through and decide what music to use or buy for each scene (buying all at the same time saves me money). Once I've done that, I'll mix the music into every scene, making adjustments to dialogue and effects along the way. This process should only take a couple of weeks. Then factor in another week or two of test listening and about two or three more for CD printing.

As I like to try and say, "it will be done when it's done", but you're welcome to take all of that information and speculate!

As a reminder, the podcast is coming later this week because of ComiCon. I plan to release it sometime between Sunday and Wednesday.

Have a great weekend!

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