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Wednesday, April 2, 2008 Dark Ritual Trailer Coming!!

Since I've hit a scene that I want to re-record some lines for, but don't feel super energized about doing that yet, I'm alternating back to work on some songs for Dark Ritual. I've got a duet with Randy (Vincent) that I'm adding his vocals to it now. The process is an exciting one. I'm using some effects to bring a darkness and hardness to his sound that will add to the tone of the song, contrasting epic orchestral/choral material with electronic production values.


And yes, you read that post title right, there is a trailer for Dark Ritual coming. Expect to see it around the end of April. I'll start deciding what clips and lines I want to use in it next week and then begin the mixing process the week after. Part of me is bummed that I'll have to stop work on Dark Ritual to get the trailer done, but it will be a fun little project to work on and a valuable marketing tool as we approach the release of Dark Ritual. Naturally you'll be the first to know when the trailer is completed and available for download!


That's all for now!


-Paeter Frandsen

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