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Friday, October 10, 2008 Dark Ritual: Behind the Scenes with Paeter and Tully!

Tonight I'll be making a late night trip to the post office to send everything off to print for "Dark Ritual!" Woohoo! Things are looking very good for a pre-halloween release!


And, as promised, I've released another "Dark Ritual" special feature that you can download for free on the "Media" page of www.spiritblade.net !


Under "Documentaries> Spirit Blade: Dark Ritual", you'll find "Paeter and Tully, Behind The Scenes(Part 1)". This first part of a two-part documentary showcases material that won't spoil any "Dark Ritual" plot points, although you may find it interesting to listen to again after hearing "Dark Ritual". Mostly, it's a "fly on the wall" look at some funny and insightful moments during the rehearsal/recording process with me and my buddy, Mike Tully.




-Paeter Frandsen

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