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Friday, June 13, 2008 "Spirit Blade" Begins This Weekend!

Later today we'll be playing the first chapter of "Spirit Blade" on our podcast! Paeter will also have a few other brief items to bring up, so be sure to tune in even if you've already listened to our first audio production.


And if you know someone that would enjoy listening to Spirit Blade, but doesn't quite have the change available to purchase the download, this is a great opportunity for them to check it out! We'll be alternating between our normal podcast format and chapters of "Spirit Bade" for the rest of the summer in anticipation of releasing "Spirit Blade: Dark Ritual", so this is a great time to jump on board!


As always, you can buy the complete "Spirit Blade" audio drama in high quality audio in either CD format ($7.99 w/ free shipping in the US) or the digital download for $5.99! That's 2 hours and 25 minutes of high quality audio-cinematic action for an unbelievable price!


And once again, if you'd like to play one or all chapters of "Spirit Blade" on your podcast, send an e-mail request to Paeter Frandsen, at paeter@spiritblade.net


Thanks for continuing to help us spread the word about "Spirit Blade" all over the web!


We can't move forward without your prayer and involvement, and your support is never taken for granted!


Have a great weekend!

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