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Friday, February 22, 2008 Past The Halfway Point!

We're thrilled to announce that we are officially more than halfway finished with the primary mixing of "Dark Ritual"!

Paeter's schedule will begin to free up after a couple more months and we expect progress to come more quickly when that happens.

We also don't anticipate the mastering process to take as long for "Dark Ritual" as it did for "Spirit Blade"(which took around 4-6 weeks). So once the primary mixing is complete it will be a sprint to the finish!

We've learned alot from our experience making "Spirit Blade" and believe that the production quality of "Dark Ritual" will be a significant improvement and refining of what we accomplished in our first project. We hope you'll agree!

Thanks for your support and stay tuned for more updates as we continue to move forward! 

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