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Wednesday, November 28, 2007 Yay For Dialogue!

Can I just say how wonderful it is to be working on some dialogue centered scenes? 

Granted, in audio drama, dialogue is the center of almost every scene, but as the artform has entered the modern age, sound effects have become more complex and the audio experience more layered than it ever was during the golden days of radio drama in the 30's.

We aim to be a production company that pushes the complexity and layering of audio effects even further. More of our action scenes are being expressed through sound effects alone, with little or no dialogue to "spoon-feed" visual descriptions to you. It makes for a great challenge that requires a lot of thought and time spent editing. I think the result is well worth the effort, but even so, I'm thrilled to have reached a few scenes in a row where people are in rooms having conversations. Although, does it still count as a conversation when one person talking is also being tortured into feverish, puking, delirium? Hmm... Maybe this scene won't be as simple as I thought.

Now where did I put that "vomit splattering" sound effect...

-Paeter Frandsen

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