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Wednesday, June 20, 2007 Songs and Voices

Another very productive week here at Spirit Blade Productions!

Preliminary sound design for the song "Veritas" is almost finished and Mike Tully's vocal work will be edited by early next week. We also had the first rehearsal with our mysterious villainess for Dark Ritual. Lastly, some guitar work was turned in that will be layered into the song "Necromancy". You can still download the rough cut at www.spiritblade.net, but don't wait too much longer as we will be taking it down again once the re-mixing for it begins! 

You may notice that this post is a little early this week. Our office is closed down from Thursday to Sunday this weekend but will be back up at full speed on Monday. Paeter and his wife are attending the "Truth Project" conference in Colorado for the weekend. They'd appreciate your prayers for a safe trip and for God to teach and equip them for even more effective ministry.

Hope you all are having a great week and are finding yourself closer to God today than yesterday!

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