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Friday, September 21, 2007 Catching Up/Next Book To Read?

This week has proven to be a great opportunity to catch up on scene mixing. A few delays in sound design and a couple paying gigs kept Paeter from staying on schedule last week, but this week was mostly free of distraction.


There are 37 scenes in total for "Dark Ritual" and today we begin work on scene 9. It's still too difficult to give an estimate on the project's completion date, as some scenes require very little effort and others require multiple days of work. These are usually action sequences, although this time around we're layering more foley into standard dialogue scenes as well.


Scene 9 is one of our larger action sequences for "Dark Ritual", but once completed, we plan to preview it on the podcast.


Speaking of which, if you're a podcast listener, or you've been following our weekly journey through The Gospel Of John, you may have noticed that in a few more weeks we will finish the 21st and final chapter of our current book and will be ready to pick up another book of the Bible and begin a new journey.


We'd like you to have some input on which book we look at next. Although we're interested in doing an Old Testament book at some point in the future, we'd like to stay in the New Testament for now.


At this point we're considering:


Galatians, the Apostle Paul's first letter, which focuses on teaching that salvation is not accomplished by being a "good enough person". (6 chapters long)


Acts, a history of how the first Christians started meeting together for worship and organized themselves into local churches. It also serves as an "origin story" for the Apostle Paul, who wrote much of the New Testament. Should we look at Acts, we would go through the first 14 chapters and then take a break to look at another book, possibily Galatians, since chronologically it falls right after the events in Acts chapter 14. If readers and listeners enjoy this pattern, we may consider continuing in this way through Acts, taking breaks when appropriate to read other books of the Bible chronologically. (28 chapters long)


Romans, a letter from Paul considered to be among the most complex material in the entire Bible. Incredibly packed with information, this book summarizes a great deal of Christian beliefs. We'll never be able to give each chapter the time and detailed study they deserve in our "chapter a week" format, but this letter is an incredibly valuable book for anyone to read that wants to look more deeply at the Christian faith. And don't worry, it's not near as intimidating as it sounds! (16 chapters long)


Matthew, an account of Jesus' life that is out of chronological order, instead placing emphasis on what he taught and his fulfillment of Messianic prophecy. (28 chapters long)

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