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Friday, November 16, 2007 Just Like Magic!

Although there are still a few maintenance issues to resolve, we've been able to move forward again with mixing for "Dark Ritual". Currently we're designing new sound effects to represent a supernatural force that our heroes will be up against. The sci-fi and fantasy genres collide even more in this story than they did in "Spirit Blade", and we're enjoying the challenge of bringing a distinctly "magical" sound into a story that has, until this point, been dominated by sci-fi elements.


We're also counting down to our big price drop next week on the 23rd. Both the CD set and digital download for "Spirit Blade" will be reduced significantly in price, making it easier than ever to join the gripping action experienced by the Underground Liberation!


Lastly, we've added another free download to the "Media" section of www.spiritblade.net. It's a featurette comparing audio clips from the very first read-through of "Spirit Blade" to the final product! Paeter Frandsen(Merikk), Michael Tully(Raan) and Michael E. Bryce(Isaiah) were all present for this historic event and you can tell by listening that they had a blast not taking themselves, or the script, too seriously! You don't want to miss this candid look at the origins of "Spirit Blade"! Jump over towww.spiritblade.net and click on "Media" to check it out and listen in!

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