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Friday, January 4, 2008 The Year To Come

Taking a look at the year to come, we thought we'd share with you some of the items on our agenda for 2008!


1. Spring- Completion and release of "Spirit Blade: Dark Ritual"


2. Spring- Outline and adaptation of "The Pilgrim's Progress" into a new script.


3. Late Spring/Early Summer- Begin development of a short (30 minute) sci-fi audio drama for a possible Fall 2008/Spring 2009 release. (This untitled project is still under consideration)


4. Summer- Finalize "Pilgrim's Progress" adaptation and begin casting for the project. ("Similitude Of A Dream"- working title)


5. Fall- Finalize casting for "Similitude" and begin recording for a 2009 release.


We're very exicted about the new developments coming this year, and this short list will only be the tip of the iceberg as new opportunities present themselves along the way! Please be praying for us and for God's guidance as we work hard to represent the truth in thrilling and imaginitive ways!

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