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Pilgrim's Progress: Similitude of a Dream [mp3]


Pilgrim's Progress: Similitude of a Dream [mp3]


Total Running Time: 99 min

(Recommended for ages 13 and older)

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Christopher Pilgrim is a teacher of magic in the mythical city of Apoleia. Inflicted with an evil curse that he may have brought upon himself, Christopher ventures away from his home in search of a cure and the legendary Mystic City. On his journey, he'll face monsters, magic, danger and discovery. But will his quest for the truth yield the answers he seeks? Join the adventure and find out for yourself! You may find that his journey is your journey as well.

Pilgrim's Progress is a full-cast Christian fantasy audio drama series that uses cinematic sound design, and a rich orchestral score to unveil a world of magic and adventure for your ears and imagination!

This web site contains audio content simulating intense violence that may not be suitable for children.

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