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Spirit Blade: Dark Ritual (Special Edition) - 3 Disc Set


Spirit Blade: Dark Ritual (Special Edition) - 3 Disc Set


Total Running Time: Approx. 3hrs. 10 min.

This "Special Edition" version includes songs sung by characters in the story and preserves the "pseudo-musical" format originally envisioned for the Spirit Blade Trilogy.

(Contains violent  and disturbing content. Recommended for ages 16 and older.)

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Still recovering from the attacks made by Atlantis, The Underground Liberation is rebuilding under the leadership of Merikk Scythe.

Hope to find allies for their continued work, Merikk, Vincent and Raan investigate an isolated primitive tribe rumored to hold beliefs very similar to their own. what they find is a horrifying supernatural evil unlike anything they've ever experienced. Be part of the action-paled journey as the heroes of The Liberation undercover the buried mysteries of their faith, while struggling to survive an onslaught of brutal attacks. Advanced technology and mystical powers collide once again in the dark and ominous second chapter of the Spirit Blade saga! "No one is safe..."

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