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Spirit Blade: A World Of Shadows (Legacy Edition) [mp3]


Spirit Blade: A World Of Shadows (Legacy Edition) [mp3]


Total Running Time: Approx. 3hrs. 26 min.

(Contains violent  and disturbing content. Recommended for ages 16 and older.)

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Vincent Craft has launched a one-man war of terror and revenge against the Sheida and all who side with them. An ultimatum from the Sheida threatens all of humanity unless Seekers surrender for execution. Between these two forces and amidst attacks from both sides, Merikk Scythe attempts to lead the Liberation in peacefully representing the truth. But with the actions of Vincent and internal problems sabotaging the Liberation's efforts, time may run out before they have a chance to expose the Sheida and keep the world from falling into an age of evil and suffering.

SPIRIT BLADE: A WORLD OF SHADOWS is a full-cast audio drama that uses cinematic sound design to unleash an action-packed experience for your ears and imagination.

This web site contains audio content simulating intense violence that may not be suitable for children.

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